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Calculating the Length of Heating Cable You Need

Posted by Raychem Winter Expert on Dec 14, 2017 12:59:18 PM

Determining the total length of heating cable needed for a project can be a challenge. With many factors such as size and space available to consider, the task can seem daunting, especially for larger projects with more infrastructure to consider.

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Topics: Heat Tracing Maintenance, Winter Performance, Industrial Applications, Commercial Applications, Winter Safety, Electric Heat Tracing, Pipe Freeze Protection, Process Temperature Maintenance

Managing Hot Surface Ignition Temperatures for Trace Heating in Explosive Atmospheres

Posted by Raychem Winter Expert on Dec 5, 2017 9:30:21 AM

Designing high temperature electric heat tracing systems in hazardous areas can be a difficult challenge, especially when process temperatures approach the area classification limit. This restricts the allowable temperature differential between what is heated and the surface temperature of the heaters. 

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Topics: Winter Performance, Industrial Applications, Electric Heat Tracing, High Temperature Heat Tracing, Process Temperature Maintenance

Five Ways to Use Electric Heat Tracing

Posted by Raychem Winter Expert on Oct 31, 2017 8:43:28 AM

Electric Heat Tracing is used in many process industries to maintain process fluids at the desired temperatures. A look at five common uses of heat-tracing applications can help users select the most appropriate technology for their application. These are the most commonly encountered needs in the industrial sector.

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Topics: Industrial Applications, Electric Heat Tracing, Pipe Freeze Protection, High Temperature Heat Tracing, Long Line Heating, Process Temperature Maintenance

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Winter is a time to enjoy, not to fear the hardships it sometimes brings. In this blog, our Raychem Winter Experts share knowledge and tips on how to take the stress out of the colder days of the year. We specialize in keeping:

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  • buildings, infrastructure and the people using them safe from harm in commercial and residential environments.

No matter how extreme the weather conditions, Raychem winter solutions offer the best insurance for your processes and property against snow and ice-related emergencies.

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